Airports have become hubs interconnecting different modes of transports and are a primary gateway to countries and cities. Infrastructure, terminals and facilities for passengers and visitors require careful and sustainable planning, responding to short-term needs within a long-term strategy. Innovation and creativity in design, timely response to the changing needs of passengers and goods are critical to the return on investments. With over 15 years of experience in the aviation sector, One Works puts forward-thinking strategy; planning, design and technology into practice, advising aviation clients and contractors. One Works provides airport management companies and all sector related operators, including public institutions and investors, with full-service assistance to support their respective business goals. One Works has also been focusing in the last years on 'non-aviation' revenues, such as retail and F&B within passenger terminals, and "airports cities" real estate in the surrounding areas. Today, these elements of airport development represent a key resource for the airport operating companies and for the territory. To meet all the challenges in the airport sector, One Works' multi-disciplinary teams provide full and integrated range of services that goes beyond planning and design to assist investors and contractors in PPP/BOT/BTO/D&B tenders.

Capacity optimization is crucial for airside design, for both new and existing
airports. Our team of engineers has worked extensively on runways, taxiways
systems and aprons, delivering cost-effective solutions, buildable without
interrupting day-to-day operations. We cover the full project cycle, from due
diligence to commissioning, from feasibility stage to detailed design of airfield
pavements and integration with other airport-related infrastructure, including
Aeronautical Ground Lighting, signage and markings. Our key activities in this
sector include tender preparation and construction supervision.

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We are strongly convinced that a high level of accessibility is more and more
a key factor for a successful growth of the traffic and sustainable development
of the airports and of the surrounding areas. Our experience in airport
surface access and multi-modal interchange has been consolidated on traffic
studies, roads planning, design and engineering, tender preparation and site
construction supervision. We work to deliver cost-effective access solutions
that can increase efficiency and level of service and minimize impact on the

Our thinking on planning is evident in the Master Plan for the Italian network of
airports, which was commissioned by ENAC to forecast the 20 years' scenario
for the Italian aviation: long term vision, short term acting to respond to the
market demand. We deliver Master plans to airports operating companies,
investors and public authorities, providing site selection and land use
planning; airside/landside traffic analysis and forecasting; capacity analysis
and assessment; geometric planning and layout; passengers and cargo
terminals/facilities, sizing and configuration; environmental impact assessment
and “airport cities” development.

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Architecture of passengers terminals today is called upon to respond to
much more complex requirements: capacity and level of services; operational
functionality; economical (CAPEX&OPEX) and environmental sustainability;

non-aviation revenues. Our deep understanding of the passengers’ flows, from
all viewpoints, enables us to ensure the terminal projects are delivered to the
highest standard of functionality and architecture, through each design phase,
from feasibility studies to site construction supervision and commissioning.
A consolidated expertise is available in One Works for regional and LLC
dedicated terminals, which often require extension and refurbishment while still
fully operating.

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