King Abdul Aziz Road (KAAR) Urban Development Project

Meeting the urban needs

The King Abdul Aziz Road (KAAR) is located in the Holy City of Mecca, at the heart of the Islamic culture and its religion. The project comprises over 1.2 million square metres of new development articulated by a central pedestrian boulevard leading to Al Haram Mosque.

The new KAAR development is a signature urban development project providing connectivity to the Al Haram a long Grand Pedestrian Boulevard, flanked by hotels, commercial and retail facilities, residential buildings, car parking, public spaces and public amenities to support religious, social and commercial activities to Hajj and Umrah pilgrims and other visitors and local residents.


As experts in dealing with crowded spaces, One Works’ leadership and expertise has led the design to respond successfully not only to Mecca Municipality’s design codes, but also to the highest international standards, particularly with regards to the public realm of the entire central pedestrian boulevard and the 100-Ha plaza.




One Works is also leading the functional architectural layout and passenger dynamics simulations for two metro stations, and architectural detailed design for four underground car parks (10,000 parking spaces).