Giulio De Carli talks Italian Airports at CASABELLA Formazione

19 October 2017, Milan, Italy

One Works were pleased to be part of the series “Esperienze di Architettura contemporanea” organized by Casabella Formazione – a collaboration between architectural magazine Casabella and ProViaggiArchitettura, a company specialising in the design of architecture itineraries to expand the cultural offer and inform professional standards.


Founder and Manager Partner, Giulio De Carli, was invited to share his expertise on the Italian Airports scenario. As one of Italy’s recognised experts, he drafted the guidelines of the Master Plan for the Italian airports network, commissioned by ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority), and over the years he has delivered several expansion and upgrade projects to Italy’s main airports. Most recently, Giulio led the award-winning refurbishment and extension project at Marco Polo Airport in Venice.


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