New Malpensa T2 Station inaugurated last week

13 December 2016, Milan, Italy

With construction works concluded for the new Malpensa Airport T2 station, the new connection between Terminal 1 and 2 will be activated in these days, providing a direct connection to the Terminal 2 operated by Easyjet.


One Works, partner with CREW, was commissioned by SINA to develop the execution phase of the train station, parkings and road accessibility. The project comprises also an access building at the ground level, a multifunctional mezzanine and a connecting shelter.


SEA realized the new infrastructure that is part of a more extensive renovation project of the Malpensa Terminal 2.


"For the Terminal 2 we have an ambitious and challenging renovation project: we are launching the restyling of commercial areas, food & beverage activities and all those spaces dedicated to the passengers" - says Pietro Modiano, SEA’s President (