We deal with crowds. Our clients in the aviation, transportation, educational, and retail markets receive building design services that concentrate on critical movement flow needs. Working across multiple scales and specialisms, One Works focuses on all aspects of the public and private realm, the built and unbuilt space. 

We are interested in who is where, when and why because the spatial quality depends on how people and goods move. Our building proposals deliver cost effective solutions with efficient connections, communications, and functional spatial distributions that is evident in the design phases, throughout the construction phases and ultimately in the property management phases.



Architectural Design
Concept Design
Interior Design

Site Supervision



Civil Engineering
MEP (Mechanical Electrical Plumbing)
Site Construction Supervision
Structural Engineering


Accessibility Studies
Contractor's Consultancy in Tender Process
Cost Consultancy
Feasibility Studies
Planning Advice
Program Management
Retail Planning Consultancy
Risk Assessment
Seismic Studies
Signage, Graphics and Wayfinding