Giulio Corte

Giulio Corte

Giulio Corte

Business Unit Director - Infrastructure

Giulio Corte is Director of Infrastructure. He studied in Genoa and graduated in Civil Engineering. Shortly after, achieved a master's degree in Bath for the conservation of historic buildings.

During an international career that spans over 20 years, Giulio has been involved in several major infrastructure projects ranging from museums to hospitals, and airports to transportation hubs, all within both existing and new developments. Acting as Project Director or Department Manager across these schemes, Giulio’s responsibilities and duties have included technical engineering, managerial and commercial activities.

With exceptional communication skills, Giulio thrives on leading diverse teams to assist clients, architects, and contractors in understanding a projects’ complex needs, tailoring engineering contributions, and defining best strategies to ensure a project is successful for all stakeholders involved.

With an expertise in multidisciplinary engineering applications aimed at guaranteeing and improving sustainability, safe constructability, as well as health and wellbeing within the built environment, Giulio recently joined One Works as Director of Infrastructure. He is now responsible for overseeing both the technical and managerial aspects of the business to successfully deliver aviation, transportation, and transit-orientated developments around the world.


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