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Milan Design Week 2015 Celebrations

26th April 2015, One Works Milan Office

Milan Design Week 2015 Celebrations

The Doha Red Line North Metro Stations: work in progress exhibition aims to familiarize professionals, industries and curious in general with this exceptional project.

A full size construction site audio/video installation seen directly from the public street life to drive attention. The walk-through screen permits visitors to enter and discover the inner courtyard installation. Here Display totems with detailed construction site images created an atmosphere for the visitors as the story of the Doha Red Line North was told. The front hall called attention to “Doha Red Line North Blueprint” with a maxi orthophoto of Doha (scale 1:1.500) and a TV screen reporting the metro construction works. The video included a clip of the tunnel break through, the first ever by means of TBM in Qatar. The design week culminated in the Doha night out, a mix of Italian and Qatari culinary tradition brought into One Works Milanese courtyard.

Event Details

When: 26th April 2015
Where: One Works Milan Office - Milan, Italy