People Movement

Our team of in-house specialists offer people movement consultancy and analytics advice on a range of environments from busy airports and transit hubs, to sports and leisure venues and masterplans.

  • Pedestrian Flow Analysis 
  • Crowd Management Strategies 
  • Capacity Assessment 
  • Dynamic Simulations 
  • Layout and Spatial Planning 
  • COVID-19 Response
People Movement

Together with our teams of architects and engineers, our experts help clients to assess or resolve congestion issues, maximise operational efficiency, as well as help create vibrant places that  enhance visitor experience. 

This is achieved through a suite of innovative simulation tools and visualisation technologies to forecast and manage the way people interact or will interact within proposed developments, as well as existing environments. 

As a leading transport design and consultancy firm, we are pleased to be supporting clients to manage the effects of COVID-19, maintain business continuity, and ensure the health and safety of our communities, employees, colleagues, and passengers.

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