Transport Planning

Our team of transport planners work together with architects and engineers to offer a wide range of consultancy services for the evaluation, assessment, design, and siting of transport facilities (such as streets, highways, bike lanes, and public transport lines/stations). 

  • Demand Forecasting 
  • Vehicular Flow Analysis 
  • Parking Analysis and Management Strategies 
  •  Spatial and Accessibility Analysis 
  • Pedestrian Flow Analysis 

We work with clients to create well-planned and efficient transport networks by providing in-depth traffic and accessibility studies, demand forecasting and management strategies. Our experience in this field means we help shape strategies that improve mobility and access to transportation systems relating to complex developments such as retail destinations, airports, transits hubs and large mixed-use masterplans. 

Our transport planning also strengthens synergies between transport infrastructure and development, leveraging the value of transportation to improve land values and promote sustainable development.

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