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CityLife Piazza Tre Torri becomes a vibrant and integral part of Milan

30th November 2017

CityLife Piazza Tre Torri becomes a vibrant and integral part of Milan

We are pleased to announce that our CityLife Piazza Tre Torri project opened to the city today with the official opening of the accompanying Shopping District. Our newly designed public space will now become a vibrant and integral part of Milan.

The plaza now joins the urban park, also designed by One Works together with Gustafson Porter, as the new and important dialogue between the CityLife district and the city of Milan. As urban designers, it is always important to start with a very clear vision and in this case, it was to respond to the contemporary complexity of the district, to enhance the opportunities for dialogue between the different spaces and the different levels, as well as accommodate a wide range of public activities.

The design stems from varying functions of its location, or rather of its spatial distribution, and the desire to create a single public place made up of two open spaces at different levels. The newly opened retail district, strongly characterized in part by the fashion mall at the base of the Hadid tower, with the outdoor commercial activity distributed around the plaza and along the pathway towards Piazza VI Febbraio, permit the public square to open itself up to the city. Hence, the project's strong urban character.

The contemporary configuration highlights three important aspects. Firstly, it establishes an East-West relationship, which correlates Piazza VI Febbraio with the commercial podium of the Hadid Tower. Secondly, provides a relationship with the park's southern and northern parts. And finally, the central Tre Torre Plaza is a meeting place of the two busy public trails through that part of the city. The complexity of the site, also meant that the urban space had to be designed to accommodate the horizontal movement flows network with the superimposed vertical system, linking all three towers and the two plaza levels with the metro station underneath.

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