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DomusAir: Human Centered Cities and New Mobility Hubs

14th December 2022

DomusAir: Human Centered Cities and New Mobility Hubs
DomusAir: Human Centered Cities and New Mobility Hubs

The new edition of DomusAir is now available and offers readers a journey through a breadth of exciting infrastructure projects ranging from Utrecht to Sydney, passing through Makkah. This is the sixth issue of the editorial project published by Editoriale Domus, together with Scientific Direction by One Works.

In this latest issue, we talk with: Janette Sadik-khan, Principal at Bloomberg Associates, about the future of transportation and urban transformation; Peter Norton, Professor of History at the University of Virginia, to discuss the role of cars as one of many devices in a diverse variety of mobility tools; Jean Todt, United Nations Special Envoy for Road Safety on the strategies to minimize the side effect of transportation; and an in-depth look into the #UN4Mykolaiv project – the masterplan project for the Ukrainian City of Mykolaiv and a model of local-global collaboration that designs a future beyond conflict.

We also explore some of the world’s most ambitious infrastructure projects that are leading the way in combining innovative solutions with sustainable design principles, including:

  1. Destination Masar - a new boulevard in Saudi Arabia, designed by One Works, stretching over 3.6 kilometres reflecting the spirit of Islamic culture and showcasing new approaches to urbanism.
  2. The decommissioned grounds of the Berlin-Tegel Airport to be redeveloped into a sustainable, smart, and car-free innovation and research campus with a residential area for 10,000 inhabitants.
  3. Western Sydney International Airport - the gateway of choice for the city, the country, and the world, due to its location and the need to be representative of different cultures.
DomusAir: Human Centered Cities and New Mobility Hubs

Giulio De Carli, Co-founder and Managing Partner of One Works, and Scientific Director of DomusAir concludes with an editorial on the tension between gradual evolution and slow stratification, paradigm shifts, and tears. “Are we destined to be at the mercy of gradualness and sudden shifts? Not really: the tension between the two categories is controllable, aspiring to the benefits of both and aiming to eliminate the damage due to imbalances when they are detected. We must promote the positive role of slow stratification and, at the same time, push and support paradigm shifts and innovation when these positively redirect the development of the territory, of the city, of infrastructures. We must accept the challenges of the many transitions underway and converge all efforts considering that the first of the necessities is undoubtedly to combat climate change, in the most determined way possible”.

Aviation, connection, infrastructure, and digital relationships are the essence of DomusAir magazine that for more than two years has been offering an unprecedented and exclusive analysis of the movement of people and goods. As instruments of exchange, dialogue, economic, social, and cultural growth.

The issue is attached to Domus December, the issue presenting the guest editors of 2023: Steven Holl and Toshiko Mori

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