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DomusAir: The Materials Issue

6th March 2023

DomusAir: The Materials Issue
DomusAir: The Materials Issue

The latest issue of DomusAir magazine has just arrived in shops and features a range of international projects from Pittsburgh to Naples, as well as a focus on the role innovations in material development is having on efforts to achieve net-zero infrastructures and future development.

Published by Editoriale Domus, together with Scientific Direction by One Works, we talk with: MIND – Milano Innovation District about their ambitious vision of economic, social and environmental sustainability “by design”; R&D Director of ICA Group, Lorenzo Paniccia, about their innovations in creating sustainable coatings; Andrea Margaritelli, President of the Istituto Nazionale di Architettura and Brand Manager of the family brand Listone Giordano about how wood can be the material to meet the challenges of the future; Wil Srubar, Director of the Living Materials Laboratory at the University of Colorado on how his team has found a way to make cement using limestone that was grown by algae through photosynthesis; and Tim Danson, Technical Director within WSP’s Sustainability & Climate Change Advisory Group about how the traditional approach to resource consumption is ending and how now is the time to turn towards the circular economy to optimise cycles of use!

DomusAir: The Materials Issue

We also explore some of the world’s most ambitious infrastructure projects that are leading the way in combining innovative solutions with sustainable design principles:

  1. Benedetta Tagliabue – EMBT Architects discuss how the new timber Napoli Centro Direzionale metro station in Naples is delivering a community space that is the true essence of the city.
  2. Carolyn Sponza from Gensler discusses the transformation of Pittsburgh Airport thanks to a new vision that combines nature, technology, and community.
  3. Graham Stirk from RSHP shares how the new East Wing of Geneva Airport is embodying precision architecture and engineering.
  4. Von Gerkan, Marg, and Partners Architects (GMP) provide an insight into the striking three-dimensional Elbbrücken Underground Station that will characterise the new district of Elbbrücken - the gateway to Hamburg.  

Aviation, connection, infrastructure, and digital relationships are the essence of DomusAir magazine offering an unprecedented and exclusive analysis of the movement of people and goods, as instruments of exchange, dialogue, economic, social, and cultural growth.

Pick up your copy with the latest edition of Domus Magazine and follow some of the key stories at DomusWeb.it.

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