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Genova Airport expansion works start

5th January 2022

Genova Airport expansion works start

As part of a vital recovery programme for the port and airport, work has now begun on the 20 million euro expansion and modernization of the "Cristoforo Colombo" terminal at Genova Airport.

Genova Airport expansion works start

In compliance with the original timetable, work has now begun on the expansion of the passenger terminal of Genova Airport. The final project designed by One Works in collaboration with AD-ET studio, already approved by ENAC last year, involves the construction of a new building of about 5,500 square meters, on three levels, and the restyling of the existing building focused in particular on the acceptance and boarding area.

The work will be completed within two years. During the works the airport will continue to operate regularly, ensuring the functionality of the airport with minimal inconvenience for passengers. The new areas will be progressively released as they are completed.

The new building of 5,500 square meters will be completed in the first phase in approximately one year, offering passengers departing from the "Cristoforo Colombo" a completely renewed experience thanks to the doubling of the gates of security checks and the opening of new commercial and catering areas. The new terminal will be brighter, thanks to large windows overlooking the sea, and will be characterized by higher ceilings and easier paths. Both in the design phase and in the selection phase of the construction company, compatibility and sustainability requirements have been indicated, such as the use of recycled, renewable, and proven materials within 150 kilometres, in order to reduce the environmental impact of the construction.

Genova Airport expansion works start

Works will be carried out by the ATI (temporary association of companies) between the INTEGRA Consortium and CEISIS. Both executing companies are Genoa-based. The designers in charge of the development of the executive level are STEAM, VMV Ingegneria and Studio Gnudi (also based in Genoa). The final project of the extension was carried out by the architecture and engineering studio One Works. The renewal of the airport has already seen the construction of the new baggage control and sorting system, which came into operation at the beginning of the year. The new infrastructure will also benefit from the future intermodal airport-rail-Erzelli link.

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"With the program of extraordinary interventions of the Genoa decree" - says the President of ENAC, Pierluigi Di Palma - "the opportunity was taken to create important infrastructures whose definition, provided for in the airport master plan, had been planned for some time. With these interventions it will finally be possible to have a modern terminal that will improve service levels, comfort and, in general, the quality of mobility of the passenger in transit through the Genoese airport. The design approved by ENAC also aims, as per ENAC's institutional commitment, also to achieve objectives of energy efficiency, reduction of environmental impact and to encourage the use of the most modern technological innovations in the airport sector".

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