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“Never like before” – Leo Cavalli stars in SKY TG24 documentary

1st March 2021

“Never like before” – Leo Cavalli stars in SKY TG24 documentary

The Sky TG24 documentary "Never like before" is a story that, through the personal and intimate experience of the interviewees, aims to represent what has been taken away from the normality of our lives, but also what an epochal event like the one we are experiencing may have given us. From overturning priorities, to the ability to renew oneself by imagining a different future and not taking for granted that what we have is due to us.

As one of eight protagonists, including ballet dancer Carla Fracci, Actress Carolina Crescentini, Dr Raffaele Bruno, and former football player and TV commentator Beppe Bergomi, One Works Managing Partner, Leonardo Cavalli, talks about how the pandemic has affected the way we work in offices and how the virus has forced us to rethink the spaces in which we live.

The world of the office is where the real transformation has come. Emerging trends, such as “Smart Working” have now been legitimized. Meetings in person have turned into video conferencing and it is now much easier to talk a colleague in a formal videoconference, then meeting them socially at the coffee machine. Offices have become deserted, homes have become offices, and so millions of people have had to find a new equilibrium between their work and private life.

"I believe the key consequence imposed by the pandemic is the transition from a dimension where work and private life were clearly defined to a moment in which now time and space have become fluid. This new condition, that has generated uncertainties, is forcing us to re-think life in general, not just for work. The pandemic has now made us look at the city very differently. For example, in Milan, where there once were spaces for cars parking along the street, these are now conquered by bars and restaurants to create new vibrant dehors. A new way of thinking is now needed to help us understand which resources the city and its spaces, including the offices, has in front of exceptional events: rethinking the space itself." - Leo Cavalli, One Works Managing Partner

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