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One Works appointed to design Riga Airport expansion

21st February 2019

One Works appointed to design Riga Airport expansion

One Works is delighted to announce a recent appointment to design the expansion of Latvia’s Riga Airport. The airport is now entering the first phase of an ambitious development project, which will lead to the construction of a new passenger terminal with a capacity of 10 million passengers per year over five years.

The airport's new terminal building is planned to be built east of the main facade of the existing terminal building, at the point where there is a ramp and short-term parking P1. As part of the project, it is planned not only to construct a new terminal building with a spacious and modern registration hall and a security control area, luggage reception facilities and luggage handling and sorting complex, but also new driveways for public and private transport. The terminal will be connected to the Rail Baltica Railway Station, forming a unified passenger service complex. The estimated cost of designing the new airport terminal is EUR 2.1 million.

“Previous years, we developed aerodrome and infrastructure related to passenger aircraft service, but from this year on we will focus on the expansion of passenger service infrastructure. The new Airport terminal will be connected to the ‘Rail Baltica’ railway station, creating a unified passenger service complex and providing passengers with a convenient and fast connection not only to the capital of Latvia, but also to the entire ‘Rail Baltica’ railway network covering the Baltic States, Poland and Finland.”

— Ilona Līce, Chairperson of the Board of Riga International Airport

It is planned that the driveways and the front terminal area will be constructed and reconstructed to prepare the construction site and construction of new driveways is possible. When designing a project, the designer must provide for the continuous operation of the airport during construction. Similarly, during the construction work and after the construction work, solutions must be developed that provide the required number of parking spaces for the passengers and guests of the airport, as well as the restrictions related to the construction of the Rail Baltica station.

According to the International Airport Council (“Airport Council International”, ACI) review of airport performance in Europe in the 3rd quarter of 2018, Riga International Airport was the third fastest growing airport in Europe. From Riga Airport it is possible to travel to more than 70 destinations during the winter season and to 100 destinations during the summer season, provided by 20 airlines. In 2018 Riga Airport served more than 7 million passengers - 45% of the total number of Baltic passengers.

“We’re delighted to be part of this exciting project and look forward to working with RIGA Airport to help achieve their ambitious goals that will see North East of the Europe strengthen connections with the rest of the European Union.”

— Alessandra Bellioni - Director of Aviation at One Works