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One Works appointed to design the refurbishment and extension of Genoa Airport

10th September 2019

One Works appointed to design the refurbishment and extension of Genoa Airport

We are pleased to announce One Works has officially been appointed to design the refurbishment and extension of the Genoa Airport.

Over a tight deadline of just 60 days, One Works will deliver the final detailed design – through the revision of the original project (the rendering here above) approved by ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority) in 2011 - in order for preparatory work to start by the end of the year.

Extension of the airport: numbers and guidelines

The passenger terminal project will involve the construction of a new 5,500sqm, three-storey building, as well as the extensive restyling of the existing building with a particular focus on the areas that deliver a positive passenger experience – the entrance hall and boarding areas.

The project also includes the preparation of a new baggage handling system, provided consultation with the Airport Development Engineering & Trading SA (AD-ET), and the prior preparation of the related services.

Completed within 36 months, the extension will offer staff and passengers departing from the "Cristoforo Colombo" a completely renewed experience, thanks to a 50% increase in security checkpoints and the inclusion of exciting new retail and food areas.

The primary objective will be to deliver a new design that resolves the need to increase capacity in-line with the expected passenger traffic, whilst improving operational efficiency and raising quality standards throughout the airport.

One Works appointed to design the refurbishment and extension of Genoa Airport

The new building

Located east of the existing terminal, the new building will express a new welcoming identity of the passenger terminal whilst ensuring continuity with the existing volumes.

A clear definition of the external facades will be provided with rational geometries and large glazed surfaces introduced to characterize the new volumes and consider the specificity of the site. The interior spaces will also be refurbished with the new facades allowing for large spaces to be illuminated with natural light, improving liveability and, at the same time, increasing passengers' comfort.

Furthermore, following the usual sustainable and efficiency-oriented approach of One Works, coating materials and architectural finishes with a high content of recycled elements and high technical performance will be selected.

“[...] Thanks to this project we will have an airport not only more modern and welcoming but also more easily accessible for the benefit of companies, tourists, cruise passengers and of course all the Ligurian citizens”

— Giovanni Toti, President of the Liguria Region

“Together with One Works we'll work to design a contemporary, welcoming and functional terminal that will give residents and tourists a completely new travel experience”

— Piero Righi, General Manager of Genoa Airport

“I wish to thank everyone for this assignment. We play an active role in many markets, from the UK to the Gulf, passing through Thailand where we are organizing the first international summit for air and rail transport, up to India. However, when we can share our expertise and know how within our country, satisfaction has a completely different flavour. In particular, returning to work in Genoa is a great honour for our entire team and me, and a tangible way to feel part of the commitment to develop this magnificent city. A city that historically has the journey in its DNA, and for those like me who have worked a lifetime in the infrastructure field, it is a real source of inspiration”

— Giulio De Carli, co-founder and Managing Partner of One Works

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