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"One Works' formula" - Our story told in Corriere della Sera

2nd May 2017

"One Works' formula" - Our story told in Corriere della Sera

Founders and Managing Partners, Leonardo Cavalli and Giulio De Carli, were recently published in one of Italy’s leading newspapers - Corriere della Sera.

The pair discuss the story of One Works through data, anecdotes and statements, covering 10 years of activity, a huge growth in recent years, the anticipated opening of a new office in Singapore and the focus on strategic sectors such as architecture for infrastructure, transportation, real estate, and commercial destinations.

Read the full article in Italian at corriere.it, alternatively, you can read the article in English below.

Translation edited by One Works

The growth overseas as a turning point for the architecture firm founded ten years ago by two architects trained in Milan, Giulio De Carli and Leonardo Cavalli, and now with offices in Dubai, London and soon Singapore: focus on airports, stations, shopping destinations

by Maria Elena Zanini

Ten years, a 20 million turnover in 2016, a 300% growth in four years, 150 professionals and five offices worldwide. Soon to become six. Two founders: Leonardo Cavalli and Giulio De Carli, class of 1962, graduated in 1986 from the Milan Polytechnic, which in 2007 after years of cooperation decided to create Oneworks, Italian architectural firm with a strong international vocation. Since the beginning, the decision was to focus on specific strategic areas, primarily the architecture for infrastructure and transportation (airports and stations) and for real estate and commercial destinations. Two areas that are conversing in a broader project of urban design. An example, the design of the City Life square in Milan.

As explained by De Carli, «transports have a network element and a node element. We work on the architecture of the node, the building". Two metro stations in Riyadh and nine in Doha (alongside important contractors in Design & Build projects by Qatar Rail) and the award in Doha of the international contest for Tec - Transport Education Center-, a center dedicated to the past, present and future history of transports.

«The 2010 was a key year-explains Giulio De Carli-. In a tough Italian market, we have given the so-called last-gasp effort, deciding to open abroad». After working from Brazil to Indonesia, the two architects have landed in Dubai. And they have not left it, creating a model of "pocket multinational" with satellite studios in London and soon in Singapore and a system of interaction of top management.

The foreign market is what weighs more on the global turnover, 74% versus 26% local that still reached pre-crisis levels. «Our idea is to capture the market, first by finding a local partner who knows the market and then creating a study on site. We did so in Dubai, with Anwar Mohamed, today our partner, and in London with Gerardo Puente». Next stop is Singapore, but also the expansion of Milan office, which - explains Leonardo Cavalli- will become a hub for the entire sector. »