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One Works sponsors the first Singapore Urban Design Festival!

19th February 2018

One Works sponsors the first Singapore Urban Design Festival!

Following the opening of our new office in Singapore last year, One Works is excited to be the main sponsors for the upcoming Singapore Urban Design Festival, the first of its kind in the city!

This festival comprises a five day programme themed Stay and Play is dedicated to urban design and the growing global movement in placemaking and the activation of public spaces. Led by LOPELAB, the initiative aims to raise awareness of urban design, foster new collaborations, as well as share experiences and knowledge across industries.

The exciting programme will feature temporary installations, an international summit, workshops and cultural activities aimed at activating the public space and engaging both professionals such as designers, architects and developers, as well as citizens.

‘As urban designers, we understand the value of celebrating and experimenting with our public spaces and we are truly proud to be supporting such an important initiative for the industry and for the region. We are excited to see the Singapore Urban Design Festival transform the Tanjong Pagar district into a hub of urban design thinking and to see the creation of new and interesting collaborations across the city’- Giulio De Carli, Founder and Managing Partner at One Works

In particular, the Singapore Urban Design Festival will include the following key activities:


Hosted at The Working Capitol, the two day summit will feature a series of international experts and Singaporean though leaders who will be sharing experience, skills and innovative ideas for placemaking and urban design. The only forum for placemaking and urban design in Singapore and the region, the summit will serve as the pinnacle of developers, architects and government to get together in a bid to activate and humanize private-public spaces with consideration for how communities meet commerciality.

In addition to Managing Partner Giulio De Carli, other international speakers include: Dr Minqing Ni from Tongji University College of Design and Innovation in Shanghai; Dr Limin Hee from Centre for Liveable Cities in Singapore; Filipe Afonso from Guangzhou University School of Architecture; Tiziano Cattaneo from Shanghai One Thousand Talent; and many more. For more information, or to book tickets for the Urban Design Summit, visit: www.urbandesignfestival.com


Supported by the Urban Redeelopment Authority, the Urban DesiGN oute is an experiential exploration of urban design through a series of temporary installations around the Tanjong Pagar district that activates the public space and encourages people to Stay and Play.

Featured along the Urban Design Route is Francesco Rossini’s installation entitled ‘What’s the potential of 7.6m2?

One Works sponsors the first Singapore Urban Design Festival!

The ‘Sound Tunnel’, located in the Duxton Plain Park Underpass is a multi-sensory collaborative installation by Savina Nicolini, principal SNA Design and Yuta Nakayama, senior design engineer at the Design Incubation Centre in NUS division of Industrial Design in Singapore.

One Works sponsors the first Singapore Urban Design Festival!

‘Sombra Verde’ -Spanish for Green Shade – is an urban pavilion that will provide shade and create an iconic structure for Duxton Plain Park during the Urban Design Festival. Designed by AIR Labs at the Singapore University of Technology and Design, the structure is made of bamboo poles and 3D printed plant-based polymer connectors which hold up a clear green canopy.

One Works sponsors the first Singapore Urban Design Festival!


To date, Lorenzo and his team at LOPELAB has organised eight Urban Ventures events that saw over 50,000 visitors partying the weekends away on Keong Siak Road. Urban Ventures was conceived to foster the local arts and culture scene and transform the way people live by promoting the pedestrianisation of Keong Siak Road.

The ninth edition of Urban Ventures which will be held in conjunction with the Urban Design Festival will feature two days' worth of placemaking activities along Keong Siak Road from 17th - 18th March (2:00pm - 10:30pm on Saturday and 12:00pm - 9:00pm on Sunday).

Expect live music by local four-piece Electronic-Pop band, Disco Hue led by front woman, Sherlyn, Forests, known for their fun live performances blending 90s-influenced emo with math-pop perfection, and FXTRT and their robust rhythm and tongue-in-cheek lyrics with a sprinkle of virtuosity.

Visit www.urbandesignfestival.com for more information