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"Effective Station Integration" whitepaper now available

8th April 2020

"Effective Station Integration" whitepaper now available

Building on the expertise in designing and engineering complex rail and metro projects, we are pleased to announce the first in a series Whitepapers that focus on trending topics within the infrastructure sector: “Delivering Effective Station Integration”.

In today’s rapidly-urbanising world, cities are expanding at an unprecedented rate. Urban growth - though vital for sustaining economies and ever-growing populations - often results in congestion on busy roadways and overburdened transport corridors, leading many cities to search for answers to move people and goods more safely and efficiently.

The need to invest in new transportation infrastructure is clear - and with this investment comes an incredible multi-faceted opportunity for cities and their citizens.

"Effective Station Integration" whitepaper now available

The most immediate opportunity is to directly improve mobility – supporting safe, convenient, affordable and sustainable options for transportation. Transport hubs are one of the few remaining public spaces in cities today, and therefore play a key role in sustaining positive urban growth.

Great stations enhance the transport experience, creating a functional and attractive station environment with seamless connectivity to other modes of transport and the surrounding city.

But investment in infrastructure provides opportunities beyond a solution for mobility. Transport serves as the backbone of economic growth and is intimately tied to larger sociocultural change in cities. Access to jobs and affordable housing, promotion of public health and well-being, and reinforcement of environmental resilience are all intrinsically related to the quality of transport in today’s cities.

Transport systems and hubs that recognise and respond to these interdependencies have a greater chance of creating more meaningful uplift in today’s cities.

In the following Whitepaper, Lucas London, Associate Director at One Works introduces some key themes and solutions around today’s opportunities in transport to help cities grow and prosper.

Through One Works’ experience in designing stations and transit-oriented development around the world, we have come to understand what makes a well-designed station and how transportation systems can help unlock value in cities.

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