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One Works Wins Transport Education Centre International Competition

20th December 2016

One Works Wins Transport Education Centre International Competition

One Works is the winner of the international competition held by Qatar Rail for the new Transport Education Centre in Doha-Qatar.

The contest's precise goal is to bestow the City with a building symbol of the extraordinary change that is affecting the entire country.

Combining past, present, and future, the Transport Education Centre will tell the story of how Qatar is positioning itself as a country dynamically connected as well as being crucial element at the base of an economic, cultural and social growth for the entire Gulf region, thanks to an ambitious program of integrated transit infrastructure developed on the basis of an important history and knowhow.

“"One Works has perfectly interpreted the spirit and the goal we set for ourselves from the competition's outset. Their unique experience in transport infrastructure architecture, combined with their ability to interpret it as a founding and strategic element of urban development, and thus social and cultural evolution, allowed the architects to develop a concept for Transportat Education Centre that achieves a perfect synthesis of what Qatar Rail is developing for its Country and architectural and cultural legacy, making the new Transport Education Centre a dynamic and integrated element along the path we are taking."​”

— Mohamed Timbely, Senior Director of Qatar Rail