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Riyadh Metro’s Western Station construction is progressing well

17th July 2018

Riyadh Metro’s Western Station construction is progressing well

The construction of Western Station, one of four iconic stations of the new innovative Riyadh Metro, is proceeding well as you can see from these recent aerial photos of the building site.

The dramatic steel frame that characterizes the project, designed and engineered by One Works, Omrania and CREW, are revealed, giving a shape to what will be one of the major infrastructural nodes of the city. Today we can see the arching form designed to imitate the local desert dunes.

These huge structures will realize a large and suggestive space that will host facilities and connection spaces for citizens and users that will be intent to take one of the new means of transport that will pass from here - the light rail or buses.

In addition to the main building, the mosque and the minaret can be seen in these aerial photos, as well as the underground parking facilities, designed by One Works, that leaves the ground floor free for people and public transport flows.

The Western Station will redefine the 11.7-hectare site and will contribute to projecting the entire Saudi city to a future characterized by sustainable mobility, as well as a catalyst for urban renewal. Read more about the Western Station of the new Riyadh Metro System here.

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