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San Marino Outlet Experience - Now Open!

24th June 2021

San Marino Outlet Experience - Now Open!
San Marino Outlet Experience - Now Open!

The San Marino Outlet Experience, a new retail destination designed by One Works and promoted by Borletti Group, Aedes SIIQ, DEA Real Estate Advisor and VLG Capital, opens today to offer a new shopping experience to the local community and visitors.

Contemporaneity, sustainability and a strong relationship with the context is reflected in the topography, volumes, materials and paths that accept the orography instead of hiding it. Hosting visitors has been the goal since the very beginning of the project, and the simplicity of the diagram, the technology and the reception services are the tools that, together with the architectural articulation, have guided its realization.

San Marino Outlet Experience - Now Open!

In all phases of design and construction, a great deal of attention was given to ensure that high sustainability standards were met, both in the finer details and functional solutions. As such, the outlet has been designed according to International BREEAM standards. This was achieved by adopting plant and architectural solutions designed to guarantee both energy and water-sanitary needs, minimize consumption, maintenance and operating costs, as well as meet a strict set of environmental performance conditions, provide flexibility of use and focus on the wellbeing of staff, visitors and the local community.

The new Outlet is also proposed as a further point of reference and promotion for the Republic of San Marino. Conceived and designed to assume the role of an attractive destination and lever of territorial enhancement, San Marino Outlet Experience expresses a new format of Outlet compared to the classic ones.

“The concept of this new destination is based on a precise vision and set of objectives. It was not supposed to be just the place to find products from the premium and luxury brands, but it had to be designed to offer a unique and comforting shopping experience. It was therefore, essential for the design to provide people, at first glance, a clear message that visiting the outlet will keep that promise. Exactly as it happens for those who arrive in San Marino and immediately feel they have been immersed in a space with fascinating history”

— Leo Cavalli, Managing Partner

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