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Venice Airport Passenger Terminal North Extension (lot 2A) Announced

19th December 2018

Venice Airport Passenger Terminal North Extension (lot 2A) Announced
Venice Airport Passenger Terminal North Extension (lot 2A) Announced

Seven months after laying the stone foundation for the expansion of the Extra Schengen area, the works of which are continuing on schedule, the second extension of Venice International Airport was recently presented by Enrico Marchi, Venice Airport president, and Giulio De Carli, One Works Managing Partner, in the presence of Dario Scannapieco (BEI Vice Pres ); Alessio Quaranta (ENAC General Manager); Roberto Vergari (ENAC Director of Technical Supervision)

The second extension, costing approximately 350 million Euros and partly financed by EIB, will provide over 59,000 sqm of total gross area distributed on various levels and has been designed to accommodate the increase in operational capacity of the airport, whilst improving the architectural quality of the spaces and services offered to travelers. Designed to minimize the impact on operations of the existing terminal, the new design will also strengthen the technical spaces and support further airport activities into the near future.

Venice Airport Passenger Terminal North Extension (lot 2A) Announced

Work Phases

Works for the new extension will be divided into three core phases, that in certain periods will overlap: the first phase will begin in May 2019 and conclude April 2021; the second phase will also start in May 2019 and is scheduled to end in April 2023; with the third phase launching in March 2023 and will conclude May 2025. The new areas will be progressively opened to the public, with partial releases coinciding with the completion of each single phase.

From an architectural point of view, the new extension will resume both the volumetric articulation and the stylistic features that characterize the existing passenger terminal. This will ensure the overall uniformity of the new terminal whilst safeguarding the recognizable features of the original building that remains central to the airport development. After passing through One Works’ newly designed Passenger Terminal and extended check-in area, large glazed surfaces will offer passengers, waiting in the new boarding area, an opportunity to enjoy the external view of the aircraft apron and the city of Venice. The new design incorporates geometric and dimensional elements, such as the structural pitch of the original body of the air terminal, with 20 new spans each of 12m for a total extension of the air side front of about 240m.


The choice of materials completes the already open harmonious dialogue with the previous interventions between the original airport buildings, the new areas and the surrounding area with its traditions and peculiarities. Finishes of exposed brick for the external walls and paving in stone (Trachite Euganea and Chiampo Marble) for the landside hall, as well as parquet for the boarding areas also offers continuity with the existing structures.

The new glass façade facing the runways follows the same horizontal scan of the existing terminal façades. In particular, the large glazed surfaces will be composed of low-emissivity type glass and produced with characteristics that combine sun protection, thermal insulation and reduced light reflection.

More information about One Works’ recently completed Passenger Terminal Extensions at Venice International Airport can be found here.

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