Albuzzano-Pavia Manufacturing Plant Expansion

Albuzzano-Pavia Manufacturing Plant Expansion

Part of Fedegari Group’s 10-year strategy to expand and transform production

One Works, together with environmental engineering firm Deerns, were recently appointed by the pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer, Fedegari Group, for a 10-year development plan to expand and transform the Albuzzano-Pavia Plant outside of Milan.

The collaboration represents the next stage in Fedegari’s strategic business plan to meet growing demand by expanding production, as well as extensively remodeling the existing facilities. The aim is to create the high-performance buildings of tomorrow, offering a completely new experience of Fedegari’s premises for clients, suppliers, and employees.

Following a detailed study to fully understand the existing complex and its operations within the logistics and industrial process, including energy and plant engineering technology, the phased masterplan will be developed to achieve Fedegari’s vision. In addition to proposing state-of-the-art facilities and reconfiguration of new spaces, much emphasis will be placed on producing energy on site and optimizing infrastructure to significantly reduce the environmental impact of the expansion.

“We are looking forward to working together with Fedegari Group and Deerns to create a new plant that not only provides facilities to support the main functions of the business for the next decade, but will create a vibrant new working environment for the future” said Leo Cavalli, Founder and Managing Partner at One Works. “This exciting project represents our growing interest in delivering technically complex and sustainable environments relating to industrial manufacturing”

Key Facts

Client: Fedegari Group
With: Deerns
Location: Pavia, Italy
Year: 2021-ongoing
Services: Architectural Design, Masterplanning

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