Dubai Expo 2020: Algeria Pavilion proposal

Dubai Expo 2020: Algeria Pavilion proposal

Concept Design Proposal

Concept design for the Expo 2020 Dubai - Algeria Pavilion, which aims to provide a neat, simplified representation of this large and extremely fascinating country.

This two-storey building has been designed to illustrate the country communal identity and is punctuated by five iconic towers that express specific features of each of the five geographical areas. Each region is referred to through decorative patterns applied to the monochromatic brick cladding, as well as the colourful ceramic tiles at the main entrances.

The towers themselves recall traditional Algerian architectural and local natural elements: the evocative desert pinnacles. A sinuous “cut” in the main building provides a shaded patio, which is a typical local spatial element, to give access to the interior spaces, as well as a small open-air theatre dedicated to events and projections.

Key Facts

Client: Auditorie
With: Auditoire, TBWA
Location: Dubai, UAE
Year: 2019
Floor Area: 1.500sqm (gross built area)
Services: Concept Design
Dubai Expo 2020: Algeria Pavilion proposal

Using vibrant pleated brick panel cladding, the building is intended as a single reddish earth block. This block is then excavated to reveal a white intimate, iridescent inner courtyard characterized by clear, glazed ceramic tiles.

A public plaza located in front of the pavilion is articulated by a curvilinear water feature and two olive trees to provide shade to the benches below. The plaza also provides access to the exhibition spaces and a tranquil, open-air café located on the first floor for guests to relax and enjoy.

A series of ancillary spaces on the first floor complete the programme for this distinctive pavilion.

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