Bicocca Residential Complex

Bicocca Residential Complex

Where the Public Life Unfolds

This masterplan is the result of a competition for a new residential and park development situated at the northern end of Milan's Bicocca district. The evocative Bicocca Exhibition Hangar, the recently built large multiplex cinema, Bicocca University campus and the Pirelli Research Laboratories define the site’s immediate urban context.

The present settlement patterns determine the project's overall morphology, distribution of functions, and alternation of solids and voids, together with the rules and constraints imposed by the competition, such as a new road. The built volumes distributed along the perimeter streets leave a large open space in the site's most central area.

Key Facts

Client: Pirelli RE
With: Gustafson Porter (Landscape)
Location: Milan, Italy
Year: 2008
Site Area: 55.000 sqm
Services: Concept Design, Site Design
Bicocca Residential Complex
Bicocca Residential Complex
Bicocca Residential Complex

Therefore, the park is in relationship with the urbanized context through spatial definitions of diverse nature found between the planned built environments. A small square connects the park with the Viale Pirelli while a series of public spaces link the park with the future commercial development, to be located in front of the multi-cinema complex.

A pedestrian pathway cuts through the park and heads toward the Viale Dell'Innovazione up until the Bicocca Hangar. The proposal foresees areas with different use modes, in particular for the younger population, that help mediate the relationship between the park and the Pirelli MIRS laboratories.

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