CityLife Urban Furniture

CityLife Urban Furniture

Urban furniture benches at Piazza Tre Torri in CityLife

One Works returns to work on one of Milan’s newest public spaces - CityLife. This time designing a system of benches to provide a variety of new seating solutions in the square.

Following completion of the public realm, One Works was invited to design a seating solution that provided both versatility and flexibility, by adapting to different scenarios of use of a square that hosts numerous events. The solution would, therefore, provide elements stable enough not to be accidentally moved but also light enough to be arranged for specific occasions.

CityLife square is an extremely articulated space, both geometrically and architecturally, and characterized by a series of invisible paths, which significantly influenced the general composition of the proposed seating elements.

Key Facts

Client: CityLife Spa
Location: Milan, Italy
Year: 2020
Services: Urban Furniture Design
CityLife Urban Furniture
CityLife Urban Furniture

In response, One Works designed a modular system of benches with simple lines and small dimensions, that could easily be arranged to form different shapes and respond to various needs. The three basic elements are each shaped as one quarter of a circle with different diameters and combined in different ways:

- to form circular islands that fill the square;

- an S shape arrangement that can be positioned along the perimeter of the square, leaving the central area free for events;

- an "auditorium" layout, perfect for outdoor shows or conferences.

Each bench has a simple look with no backrest to increase the flexibility. The minimal design has been enriched by articulating the surface with grooves which have been filled, in various places, with a corten steel band that recall other architectural elements of the square.

The material chosen is Hypergranite, a fiber-reinforced material composed of resin and marble powders, that is both light and resistant. The color has been chosen in chromatic continuity with that of the stone flooring to reinforce the harmonic design of the whole place.

CityLife Urban Furniture

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