Corso Italia Building Refurbishment

Corso Italia Building Refurbishment

A sensitive building regeneration project in the City of Milan

The refurbishment and general reorganization of an historical building located in the city center of Milan. This particular triangular corner building represents a landmark in the cityscape, very close to the Duomo.

The new design seeks to maximize visibility and the attractiveness of the commercial spaces located on the ground floor, while creating a new dual access system to the building, serving the workspace areas located on the upper floors.

Key Facts

Client: Confidential
Location: Milan, Italy
Year: 2018
Services: Architectural Design, Interior Design
Corso Italia Building Refurbishment

Enhancing the buildings heritage

A careful design of the new slim window frames, together with the new inner business lounge intended as an urban greenhouse, all reflect the strong characterization of the building and some of its unusual internal spaces. Together they are design to enhance and invite people to explore the uniqueness of this magnificent building.

The ground floor redevelopment outlines a clear spatial sequence connecting different areas. Each one is characterized by specific aesthetic and functional connotations, while slightly protruding glazed window shops area meant to meet a visibility requirement, without seriously affecting the architectural features of the existing building.

A semi-independent two-level building wing, facing a secondary street, is refurbished as a new co-working area with a series of common amenity spaces. A flexible typical floor plan layout has been outlined, in order to be function for both for a single-tenant or multi-tenant scenarios.

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