Msheireb and Education City Metro Stations

Msheireb and Education City Metro Stations

Vital intermodal nodes for the iconic Doha Metro System

In preparation for the World Cup and beyond, an impressive new Doha Metro Network of connections will contribute to the urban development of the city and the lives of both tourists and those who live permanently in the capital of Qatar.

The first phase of the Doha Metro Network, promoted by Qatar Rail, will cover a distance of approximately 80km (63km of which will be developed underground) and will be structured as a network of connections consisting of three main lines, Red, Green and Gold. The ambitious construction programme involves numerous companies and professionals, all intent on shaping the new infrastructure network of 37 new stations just in the first phase.

Among the most important and impressive stations on the network are Msheireb Station and Education City Station, originally designed by UNStudio. Following the successful delivery of the Doha Metro Red Lines stations, One Works was appointed to deliver the detailed design and coordinate the BIM Construction Design.

Key Facts

Client: Qatar Rail
Location: Doha, Qatar
Year: 2014 – 2019
Certifications: LEED Gold and GSAS 5 Stars
Concept Architect: UNStudio
Services: Detailed design, BIM Construction Design, Interior Design
Msheireb and Education City Metro Stations
Msheireb and Education City Metro Stations

As the Gold Line terminal station, Msheireb Station is the heart of the new development area identified by Msheireb Properties Masterplan. Once completed, it will become one of the largest metro stations in the world - the fulcrum of the imposing project and a major interchange point for all three metro lines, through which residents, tourists and, in 2022, football fans will meet and pass through. To accommodate the anticipated flow for passengers, the public areas located in the underground levels of the station will occupy a total area of about 18,000 square meters.

The station articulates the spaces on four main levels underground: a Mezzanine Level dedicated to commercial activities; a double height Concourse Level in which the exchanges between the different metro lines; and two Platform Levels that are functional to the connections, through which it will be possible to accede to the different metro lines. The entrance to the station, located on the ground floor, is characterized by a stone roof (7,000 sqm surface) covered with inserts of blue pearlescent tiles, whose design refers to the sinuous trend of the sand dunes of the surrounding desert.

Msheireb and Education City Metro Stations

Reflecting the same architectural language, the design of Education City Station is characterized by a stone roof similar to that of Msheireb Station and is located on the Green Line connecting the new area of Education City and the Qatar Foundation.

For both these important stations, One Works was asked by Qatar Rail to develop the detailed design for all the interior public areas with the aim of not only bringing stylistic uniformity to the project, but also to optimize and rationalize the interior finishes.

This aptitude for rationalization, was also found in the design for the layouts and detailing of the external areas which aims to define a new urban landscape, through the architecture of the stations. These defining spaces were designed to manage and accommodate large flows of people, whilst at the same time, dealing with the continuous and dynamic growth of Doha.

Most recently, Msheireb Station was awarded two prestigious Green Building certifications: LEED Gold and GSAS 5 stars, for implementing strategies in: sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection, cultural and economic value and innovation in design.

Msheireb and Education City Metro Stations

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