Wholesale Market Masterplan

Wholesale Market Masterplan

An integrated logistics and marketplace masterplan

The Wholesale market project is a masterplan that integrates the standard functions of a wholesale market with a series of ancillary functions public oriented.

The project investigates the possibility of settling such a function within a 1 km per 1km plot in a country located in the Gulf Area. Given the purpose of such a preliminary study, no constraints related to a specific site have been given to the designers.

Key Facts

Client: Confidential
Location: Gulf Area
Year: 2017
Floor Area: 1 M sqm
Site Area: 26.000 sqm
Services: Masterplanning, Architectural Design, Landscape Design
Wholesale Market Masterplan

The mixed-use Masterplan

The proposed master plan sets a partial subdivision between spaces intended specifically for the market functionality and a series of ancillary functions related to food processing, food production, food sale, plus a food education center, an agro business park and an event area to be used also for open air food fairs when possible. A careful analysis of flows and paths has been carried out in order to generate efficiency and integration at the same time.

Wholesale Market Masterplan

Complexity in function

The project proposal showcases the possibility of instructing a new large wholesale market master plan merging and managing an extremely complex function, specific for those with commercial interests in that sector, with additional functions meant to involve different professionalisms, customers and people in general.

An effective, efficient, lively, vibrant and fully integrated thematic district, which will present restorative practices to grow food in arid areas that can be experienced by the people in a remarkable main entrance area.

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