Don Sturzo Building

Don Sturzo Building

Extensive renovation to provide a new flexible office complex

Redevelopment of a large former hotel into an exciting new workplace, located near the successful Porta Nuova urban redevelopment in Milan.

The c-shaped urban block, articulated around a private courtyard, is currently under derelict condition. The building is strategically located, in front of the Garibaldi train station and close to the new Feltrinelli foundation.

The final design envisages a permeable and flexible office block with a strong identity, whilst introducing new connections and tighter relationship with the city that surrounds it.

Key Facts

Client: Antirion sgr
Location: Milan, Italy
Year: 2017
Site Area: 40.000 sqm
Competition: Yes (Restricted)
Services: Architectural Design, Interior Design
Don Sturzo Building

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Don Sturzo Building

A dramatic reconfiguration

The existing building façade dictates a rigid 3D grid that follows the structural layout. The proposal aims to articulate the existing façade grid, define a new appearance, and enhance the landmark features through the re-design of the building crowning and integration of shading and greenery elements. The design proposal also includes a new semi-public passageway through the internal courtyard which is framed by a series of small retail spaces, café, and amenities.

The relatively low existing floor-to-floor height generates a relevant constraint for the new internal office layouts. The design proposal envisages a cold beam system with integrated lighting and acoustic features to address this, providing higher clear internal heights.

Don Sturzo Building

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