Dubai EXPO 2020: GCC Pavilion proposal

Dubai EXPO 2020: GCC Pavilion proposal

Gulf Cooperation Council Pavilion for Expo 2020

An exciting pavilion proposal for the Gulf Cooperation Council, designed to relax and engage visitors.

The GCC Pavilion proposal is articulated by three key elements:

  1. An iconic floating section featuring various patters of cladding, from calligraphy to a mashrabiya. The section includes an embracing room - designed to represent the common view towards the future of the Gulf States.
  2. A dramatic reflecting pool to enhance the symbolic, economic, spiritual and vital value of water – which is considered a shared unifying element for the six countries, crucial to all the sustainability perspectives.
  3. A limestone cladded basement that has been designed to evoke the traditional history, roots and fundamentals of the Gulf Countries.

Key Facts

Client: Auditoire
With: Auditoire, B22, Deerns
Location: Dubai, UAE
Year: 2018 - 2019
Services: Concept Design
Dubai EXPO 2020: GCC Pavilion proposal

Axonometry, spaces and functions

Providing easy and direct access to the evocative waterfalls, the spatial solutions will also for effective queue management inside the pavillion without impacting on the experience. Already in a comfort zone, visitors will be engaged with content, experiences and information for the very beginning of their journey through the building.

In continuity with the main public path level, the reflecting pool is split by large steps that provide seating options and accessibility ramps for guests. A steps invites visitors to a functional space located at basement level, where a series of office space, meeting rooms and ancillary spaces are located, as well as a VIP Welcome Area and descreet service entrance.

Walking up to the first floor via the dramatic sweeping staircase, visitors will enter an evocative concave room with six ogival arches, providing a unique and symbolic space facing the transparent façade overlooking the main entrance area.

Finally, the pavillion culminates with a beautiful rooftop terrace where visitors can relax and take in their surroundings.

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