Formia Waterfront Redevelopment

Formia Waterfront Redevelopment

A Story Telling Bridge

During the Second World War Formia suffered devastating bombings, yet still heavier were the reconstruction consequences that led to the realization of significant seaside landfills and a major traffic artery that has since interrupted the City's direct relationship with its shoreline. The masterplan focuses on the wharf redevelopment with the intent to restore the latent relationship between the two parts, and provide new services for the waterfront area.

The works foreseen in the masterplan include the construction of the Largo Paone underground parking and the area's total pedestrianization, Porto Nuovo Dock facilities (parking garage with annexed commercial and service activities) connected to the Via Vitruvius by means of the existing bridge, the Piazza della Vittoria underground car park together with the reconstruction of the plaza's pavement, and the pedestrian pathway linking Piazza della Vittoria to the port.

Key Facts

Client: Formia Municipality
With: Redesco
Location: Formia, Italy
Year: 2007
Services: Civil Engineering, Cost Consultancy, Functional Layout, Landscape Design, Parking Design, Road Design
Formia Waterfront Redevelopment

The Piazza Della Vittoria Pedestrian Overpass is part of this pathway. The project aims to restore a direct relationship between the city and its waterfront very much compromised by the presence of the regional Highway. The presence of important archaeological remains (Roman crypto porticoes) conditioned the overpass’ location. Established is a conflict free connection with the existing road network while maximizing barrier free accessibility (disabled and bicycles); therefore, the development of a continuous 158m long belt to exceed a height of 11.35m was determined.

The walk creates a perceptive dimension conducive to viewing the City's dynamic landscape. It allows for a true understanding of place; one is able to embrace the entire Gulf area and read Formia’s urban skyline. The pathway concludes with a section that turns back on itself thereby giving the opportunity to set eyes on Piazza della Vittoria. The point at which the overpass connects with the waterfront offers an occasion to accommodate direct operating services connected with the small bus station.

Formia Waterfront Redevelopment

Construction techniques and materials evoke wharf architecture and shipbuilding. The structural system is in white precast and prestressed concrete piles with an inner compartment containing the superstructure metalwork. This element, designed to compensate for all grade level differences generated by the structural components, has teak wood flooring, while the parapets are of white enameled steel.

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