Jazan King Abdullah International Airport (GIZ): Passenger Terminal

Jazan King Abdullah International Airport (GIZ): Passenger Terminal

Overlooking the Red Sea

The new Jazan Airport will overlook the Red Sea about 700km south of Jeddah. The project distributes the terminal’s principal functions on two main levels, arrivals on the ground floor and departures on the first floor. There will also be a mezzanine level dedicated to passenger arrivals by contract, stand type aircrafts, for a total floor area of approximately 55.000m2.

A central body executed in reinforced concrete vaults characterizes the terminal architecture; it acts as a connective device between the two lobbies, the express check-in / departure on landside and boarding on the opposite side.

Key Facts

Client: Edge - Ahmed Zaidan Architects, GACA - General Authority Civil Aviation (End Client)
Location: Jazan, Saudi Arabia
Year: 2012
Floor Area: 55.000 sqm
MPPA: 3.5 (Proposed)
Services: Functional Layout, Structural Engineering
Jazan King Abdullah International Airport (GIZ): Passenger Terminal

The arched roofing solution allowed for the use of pillars to remain at a minimum, guaranteeing maximum spatial flexibility, and a strong architectural characterization of the interior spaces.

The layout dedicates particular attention to movement flows, passengers and goods, and their relationship with the different subsystems operating on the definition of public spaces, retail areas and F & B activities, to ensure high quality standards and appropriate level of services.

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