Grugliasco Pedestrian Bridge

Grugliasco Pedestrian Bridge

The Friendly Red Whale

The overpass' bright red color has become a new landmark in the urban landscape, giving a distinctive character to the railway station.

The design of the pedestrian-cycle overpass, functional and visual centerpiece of the project, is part of a vaster urban renewal plan, which comprehended a new train station, the redefinition of the existing road system and the design of a new plaza.

The overpass connects the center of Grugliasco, a suburb town within the Greater Turin Area, to the areas beyond the railway where there is foreseen the new Turin University Campus, residential units with commercial activity, neighborhood nursery school, and a new extension and renovation of an existing sport facility. The overpass, therefore, is the principle device, which links the town to its southern territorial surroundings. It plays a constituting role for of the region's intermodality strategy plan whose aims is to promote environmental friendly transportation.

The variation in heights gives the bridge a slim line profile, while the metal mesh façade allows natural ventilation and sunlight to flood the space. The bridge currently has a length of 55 meters, which will duplicate in size following the doubling of the railway line, and a width varying between 3.80 and 7.40 the meters.

Key Facts

Client: Grugliasco Municipality
Location: Grugliasco, Turin, Italy
Year: 2004-2009
Services: Infrastructure Design, Civil Engineering, Cost Consultancy, Landscape Design, Site Supervision, Structural Engineering, Architectural Design

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