One Works Pavilion at Cersaie 2021 Archincont(r)act

With the transition from ‘treatment of disease’ to ’personal care' in mind, we created an experience that reinterpreted the foundations and logic of the “Healing Gardens”. Through stimulation of the five senses and a physical path between spaces and passages, we created a pavilion experience that seeks to return feelings of wellbeing to each visitor.

Key Facts

Client: Archincont(r)act
Location: Bologna, Italy
Year: 2021
Services: Architectural Design

Colors, sounds, shapes, fragrances and natural materials are the elements that distinguish each garden and stimulate those who walk through them to listen, connect and interact with nature at a number of sensory levels.

From time-to-time, moments designed to evoke emotions ranging from vibrant creativity to explosive energy and calm will gently surprise and guide individuals as they pass through the pavilion. This is a sensory journey that will provide a moment of wellbeing, for individuals to find themselves and a distinct harmony with nature.


Many thanks to our generous sponsors for helping us create this emotive experience:

Arcadia Vivai Impianti (Green furniture) | Artemide (Lighting) | Cotto Vietri (Ceramic) | Eco Contract Srl (Moquette) | Falegnameria Aresi (Wood furniture) | ICA Group (Coating) | Max Forleo (Sound Design) | PAISA’ – Architettura del Paesaggio (Green project) | Plinio Il Giovane (Furniture) | Wall & Deco (Wallpaper)

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