Iglesias Multimodal Node - Competition

Iglesias Multimodal Node - Competition

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The design concept stems from key aspects introduced in the competitions Preliminary Design Document. The Via Crocefisso is a reference element for the newly introduced road system on which lie two new roundabouts and an intermediate link with the street running along the railway tracks. Together they constitute the distribution of the new Intermodal Center.

The new bus station, as well as the rail station, make up the Intermodal Center complex. As the building of the railways is not subject to the competition, all aspects related to intermodality rely on the construction of the bus station and the exterior grounds and parking design.

Key Facts

Client: Iglesias Municipality
Location: Iglesias, Sardinia, Italy
Year: 2009
Floor Area: 1.900sqm (multimodal Node), 6.700sqm (parking), 1.500sqm (indoor services)
Services: Accessibility Studies, Architectural Design, Capacity Studies, Cost Consultancy, Functional Layout, MEP, Terminal Sizing
Iglesias Multimodal Node - Competition

The concept design offers a solution that resolves the problematic height differences between the Via Settembre, the rail station, and the protected cargo deposit. The proposal permits, from all angles, a total visibility of the square; one orientates himself easily within the given physical surroundings.

The Intermodal Center provides a vast roof cantilevered over the bus stop and pedestrian area. Its winding ring configuration enables a conflict free connection to all grade levels that concludes with the control and management offices.

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