Dubai EXPO 2020: Italy Pavilion proposal

Dubai EXPO 2020: Italy Pavilion proposal

A pavilion that interprets the idea of a garden as an opening scene to create a place of openness and exchange

Italy can be considered an excellent example of cultural and creative biodiversity, which bases itself on dialogue and identity exchange, instead of one dominant cultural identity, suggesting a living workshop of sustainable evolution.

The beauty of the Italian landscape constitutes the pavilion design itself. Starting from its envelope: a surrounding garden/landscape takes the visitor through a journey of thematic stories and immersive experiences, with production, invention, culture and technology constituting the bones, or the internal structure, the built up: a grand scenic machine in continuous movement.

Key Facts

With: Deerns, Dotdotdot, Ezio Micelli, Fabiano Cocozza, Nina Bassoli, YellowOffice
Location: Dubai, UAE
Year: 2018 - 2019
Floor Area: 3.000 sqm
Services: Concept Design
Dubai EXPO 2020: Italy Pavilion proposal

The Italian pavilion for EXPO Dubai 2020 interprets the idea of a garden as an opening scene which functions as place of openness and exchange, whilst presenting the productive, vibrant, open, progressive and pluralist Italy. Where nature and technology are continuously weaving together: allowing us to keep in touch with our territory and future.

In typological terms, the building presents an unpublished link between internal and external environment primarily developed through the frontal garden-facade that leads to the journey of ‘queuing’ and introduction. This creates an imaginative stream for the visitor, allowing them to foreshadow an interesting and complex experience within the pavilion.

Dubai EXPO 2020: Italy Pavilion proposal

The external route guides visitors in an upward and sensational route towards the entrance, allowing them to be subject of the discovery of three different environments: the arid landscape and the Mediterranean scrub (first floor); the productive and agricultural environment (second floor); and the forest (third floor). The pavilion entrance from the top, introduces visitors within the internal exhibit through a synthetic vision of the space to providing a glimpse of the exhibits journey, with a single glance, at the different levels.

The experience concludes by leading visitors through the final space on the ground floor, in direct contact with the plaza nearby. The vision from bottom to top presents itself in a completely different manner. If, from the entrance, the pavilion presented itself with three distinct environmental terraces, from the ground visitors interpret the layers through Italian cultural to show the diversity of experiences and relations.

Dubai EXPO 2020: Italy Pavilion proposal
Dubai EXPO 2020: Italy Pavilion proposal

The articulate pavilion is the manifestation of the idea of beauty and how it is able to tell the story of Italy and its landscapes. The collection of fiscal and digital exhibits presented by the building/ greenhouse, allows the immersive and kinetic experiences, as well as, in some cases, to integrate with the presented articles.

The complexity of the Italian landscape and its different scales represented in this way, leads to an impressive constellation of living pictures demonstrating the relation of Men, Nature and Technology through all its complexity and richness.

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