Izmir Star Industrial Development

Izmir Star Industrial Development

A large-scale industrial complex

The Star Refinery project foresees the construction of a large-scale industrial complex near the city of Izmir, Turkey that includes, other than the refinery, a new terminal container and petroleum port located along the route connecting the Mediterranean area to Russia.

The complex, a cluster of buildings anchored to the access roads for safety reasons, is at a considerable distance from the refinery. The site is characterized by sharp inclines, which greatly influence the cluster layout and demand important support works. The configuration is extremely simple and provides for a double sequence of buildings each of them performing specific functions:

- administration building

- canteen

- laboratory - fire brigade

- maintenance workshops and warehouses

- guard houses

- electrical substations

The circulation and accessibility systems, conditioned by security needs, are a mixture of public and private means of transportation.

As a pilot project One Works, developed the detailed design for the laboratories and Fire Department barracks that serve as guidelines for later design stages.

Key Facts

Client: SAIPEM
Location: Izmir, Turkey
Year: 2014
Services: Architectural Design, Civil Engineering, Landscape Design, Parking Design

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