Laveno Lakeside Masterplan

Laveno Lakeside Masterplan

Cutting the Brownfield to Pieces

Redevelopment of a former industrial area to become a new waterfront destination, linking the lake to the historical town centre.

The transformation of a former industrial site sitting on Lake Maggiore’s shores. The masterplan reveals the property to the town of Laveno; an open space network is the means to reconcile the brownfield with the historical center. The proposal for the former ceramic plant involved residential complexes and tourist accommodations. Foreseen are also retail facilities, a hotel, spa, and public services.

The masterplan sought contemporary interpretations of historical landscapes and architectures comparing them not only with the issues of current everyday life but also with those of the local Administration. Five leading architectural firms, coordinated by One Works, developed the articulated land parcels design foreseen in the plan.

Key Facts

Client: Valore Reale, Fondo Whitestone
With: Gustafson Porter (Landscape)
Location: Laveno, Varese, Italy
Year: 2006 - 2015
Site Area: 3 ha
Services: Architectural Design, Civil Engineering, Planning, Site Supervision, Structural Engineering
Laveno Lakeside Masterplan

The strength of the masterplan lies in the re-organization of most accommodation services within one of the unique historical industrial structures on the sites western lake-front. The new scheme respects the site and building scale and intends to provide a volumetric distribution conforming to Laveno’s urban fabric.

A waterfront park links together the surrounding mountains, the lake and the town from a singular panorama. A part from the main walkway, the public spaces found between the lake-front buildings connect the gardens located at the east end of the lake. The minute morphology given to the new settlement underlines the importance of maximizing pedestrian permeability.

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