Livorno, Masterplan Porta a Mare

Livorno, Masterplan Porta a Mare

Masterplan for Livorno

Porta a Mare is the name given to the extensive renewal of the old Porto Mediceo in Livorno. In recent decades, this amazing historical area has been subject to a progressive degradation process, due to the modified conditions driven by economic trends.

The new masterplan entails a new comprehensive vision for this mixed-use development, focusing on three main areas of hospitality, residential and civic/cultural functions.

The aim of the proposal is to provide a concrete representation of expectations, wishes and perspectives of the local community and stakeholders by providing a vibrant new development which includes a series of amenities, services, experiences and environmental qualities that can be appreciated by a wider catchment area.

The public realm, structured around two evocative marinas, is defined by generous green areas and qualitative public spaces, as well as key features such as water features, harbor bath activities, open air concert areas, sport and sailing facilities, dedicated cycling paths, jogging circuits, a maritime education center and state-of-the-art retail experiences.

Key Facts

Client: IGD SiiQ
Location: Livorno, Italy
Year: 2019 - ongoing
Site Area: 45.000 smq
Built Area: 28.800 sqm
Arsenale (Residential): 5.610 sqm
Lips (Hospitality): 18.260 sqm
Molo Mediceo (Cultural/Civic – Sea Pavilion): 4.950 sqm
Services: Masterplanning
Livorno, Masterplan Porta a Mare
Livorno, Masterplan Porta a Mare
Livorno, Masterplan Porta a Mare

The architecture defining the three residential urban villas and the hotel, including the service apartments block, have been developed to establish a dialogue with the existing ancient walls, through an elegant balance between materials and proportions.

On the eastern port pier, an iconic oval Sea Pavilion will host conferences, a maritime education center and university research centers, focused on issues surrounding marine conservation.

The new waterfront project, with all its new functions and destinations, will act as a bridge between the past and the future of Livorno. By re-using and reactivating onsite historical features, the story of the glorious maritime history of this port city can be told, whilst projecting Livorno into a more contemporary and international destination to meet the needs and aspirations of today.

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