Media Tech Company Office Design

Media Tech Company Office Design

Proposal for a prominent design competition

One Works was invited to an interior design competition for the new office space of an important media tech company, in Zürich.

The aim of this project is to propose the real place. The interior design focus is on the point of view of the user to guarantee the best workplace environment. As companies grow and change throughout time, the new workspace should follow the same principle and be effortlessly adaptable. The user is given a certain freedom to personalize, in order to encourage the expression of creativity. Special consideration is given to materials, finishes, and equipment sustainability: health and design sensitivity makes the user experience pleasant, efficient, interesting and energetic.

Key Facts

Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Year: 2018
Floor Area: 13.700 sqm
Project team: Leonardo Cavalli, OW Managing Director | Pietro Bagnoli, OW Design Director | Francesca Venturoni, OW Project Manager | Anna Frigerio, Endri Metaj and Laura Varalli
Services: Interior Design
Media Tech Company Office Design

Flexibility is key

The concept is to create a flexible workspace which allows different configurations through movable partitions and provisions organised into a ceiling grid. The aim of the break area is to provide different scenarios so users can choose their preferred medium of meeting and/or working. If this is not enough, they could also build their own space with the new modular furniture system.

The restaurant is a cosy space with greenery where different seating/eating situations are linked to different moods reflected by different colours.

For sustainability and materials, a cradle to cradle philosophy is applied.

Media Tech Company Office Design
Media Tech Company Office Design