Mixed-use Regeneration Masterplan

Mixed-use Regeneration Masterplan

Redevelopment of a former industrial site in Northern Italy

An exciting new mixed-use development designed to provide residential, student housing and retail space for the local area whilst prioritizing active transport.

Strategically located just a short walking distance from the city center, the former industrial site presented the ideal opportunity to strengthen connections with the nearby University and provide new facilities for the growing community. As well as introducing a range of new public green spaces, the design proposed also looked to the preservation of several listed buildings and the repurposing of two spectacular gas holders.

Key Facts

Client: Confidential
Location: Italy
Year: 2017 - ongoing
Floor Area: 60.000 sqm
Services: Architectural Design, Landscape Design, Masterplanning, Urban Design
Mixed-use Regeneration Masterplan
Mixed-use Regeneration Masterplan

A new destination for the city

Opening up the existing site's perimeter walls, which has left this part of the city fractured for some time, the new masterplan aims to become a destination in itself with greater connections with the wider city including direct connections between a new university campus and nearby retail development.

The two existing gasholders are preserved and reused for residential and semi-public purposes. A new trapezoidal public pocket park, on which the two gasholders are located, provides a nice view for the residential blocks placed along the main opposite sides of the park, becoming a natural social spaces for students, residents, and citizens.

Mixed-use Regeneration Masterplan

Designed for the needs of the community

The brief for this redevelopment project was outlined following a detailed analysis of the specific needs, services, transport, planning forecasts, market trends, city development plans, and demographic requirements for the area of the city. The site's proximity to the existing urban university campus suggested including a percentage of student housing, a student hotel, and a new public square with retail spaces on the ground floor.

High end residential building blocks, a new public pocket park and a series of semi-public functions, such as a media library and a sport training centre, complete the project programme. As this was formerly an industrial area and excavations could be complicated, the parking areas have been located above ground within the building blocks and with rooftop gardens above.

Mixed-use Regeneration Masterplan

Functions, green areas and paths of the mixed-use masterplan

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