Riyadh Metro Park + Ride

Riyadh Metro Park + Ride

A high-performance facility as part of the new Riyadh Metro Line 3

One Works has been commissioned for the entire integrated detailed design and structural design of the Riyadh Metro’s new Park + Ride facilities, comprising of four key car parks (circa. 100,000 sqm) with a capacity of over 2,300 parking spaces.

Designed to improve the entire transport system across the city within a complex context, the need to integrate the metro system with several above-ground multi-story car parks arose. Each facility is distributed at strategic locations along Line 3 to encourage commuters to only take a small part of their journey by car and to travel into the city using the metro.

Key Facts

Client: RCRC
Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Floor Area: 110.000 m2
Site Area: 45.000 m2
Size: 2.300 parking spaces
Image credit: Riyadh Metro - All Rights Reserved
Services: Architectural Design, Structural Design
Riyadh Metro Park + Ride

An important design requirement for each of the car parking facilities is flexibility for easy management in the future. To achieve this, the flat roof structures have been designed in a way that, in the future, they can easily extend or adapt the parking areas in response to the urban development of the city. In addition, particular attention has also been given to energy efficiency with the introduction of photovoltaic panels and detailed modelling of the building's insulation and transmission performance across all elements to achieve the client's ambitious sustainability targets.

The Park & ​​Ride project is part of the wider context of Saudi Arabia’s new Riyadh Metro Line 3. From east to west, the line crosses the entire city with 22 stations connected by more than 40Km of track, partially underground and partially over viaducts. Together with the other five metropolitan lines already under construction, the project represents the world’s largest structural intervention within a metropolitan area.

Riyadh Metro Park + Ride

Recognizable characteristics

The dynamic external cladding is the element that most characterizes the architecture of the car parks: through the composition of pyramid-shaped facades made of perforated sheet metal. With this façade, each of the buildings are effectively integrated into the context of the metro infrastructure and above-ground stations to create a unique and distinctive element to the wider metro system.

The modular perforated sheets are connected to the precast concrete structures with an aluminum substructure that allows easy installation and ongoing maintenance. Due to the simple geometry, the façade presents a remarkable lightness creating a characterizing motif that can be appreciated from outside and inside the parking lot.

The geometries of each module have been carefully analyzed throughout the development of the project to guarantee, beyond an architectural aesthetic value, the use of standard-sized material sheets to avoid unwanted joint and reduce significant costs and waste. Much consideration has also been given to the design and size of the holes in the metal sheets to ensure effective natural ventilation for a comfortable environment in normal operation and during an emergency. These have also been designed to work together with the large shielding on the elevation.

To emphasize the facades' architectural value during the night, as well as to minimize energy consumption and reduce light pollution, a state-of-the-art lighting system has been integrated with the three-dimensional geometry of the shielding.

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