Pantelleria Airport (PNL): Apron and Runway Extension

Pantelleria Airport (PNL): Apron and Runway Extension

Runway End Safety Area

The design engineering services in 2003 concerned the retrofitting and extension of the current apron structure to meet the maneuvering and parking of aircrafts operating within the Pantelleria Airport safety needs. Works included paving completion in the existing area between the runway, the passenger terminal and the Fire Department offices. Upon completion, the parking apron surface increased from 12,000 m2 to a total 43,000 m2.

An executive design assignment, in 2010, focuses on the Runway End Safety Area (acronym RESA) adaptation and extension works; the intervention falls within a vaster program aimed at upgrading the Airport of Pantelleria.

Key Facts

Client: ENAC
Location: Pantelleria, Italy
Year: 2010
Services: Airside Capacity Assessment and Layout, Airside Design, Cost Consultancy, Program Management, Structural Engineering