Riga Airport (RIX) - Passenger Terminal Extension

Riga Airport (RIX) - Passenger Terminal Extension

Part of Latvia’s ambition to become the Baltic's new international hub

One Works had been appointed to design the expansion of Latvia’s Riga Airport. The airport is now entering the first phase of an ambitious development project (Runway 2027), which includes the construction of a new passenger terminal with a capacity of 12 MAPS over five years.

The new terminal extension will provide increased capacity and has been designed to sensitively integrate with the original 1973 soviet building to provide a new landside façade of the airport. A new Departures and Arrivals hall, check-in and baggage claim facilities will provide an upgrade in both operational and public spaces to create a more positive experience for staff, airlines and customers travelling through the airport.

As part of the project, a new state-of-the-area security control area, luggage reception facilities and luggage handling and sorting complex, and infrastructures relating to public and private transport will be introduced to accommodate the growth in traffic. To support further expansions and provide connections to the anticipated Rail Baltica HSR Railway Station, the design process heavily considered the flow of cars arriving, parking and leaving the airport, access and management of public transport management, as well as pedestrian accesses.

Key Facts

Client: Riga International Airport
Location: Riga, Latvia
Year: 2019 - ongoing
Floor Area: 47,000 sqm (inc. 12,000 sqm refurbishment of existing terminal)
MPPA: 12
Services: Architectural Design, Functional Layout, Project Management, BIM Management, BIM Design, Interior Design,, Landscape Design, Signage, Graphics and Wayfinding, Capacity Studies, Passenger Dynamic Simulations, Structural Engineering
Riga Airport (RIX) - Passenger Terminal Extension
Riga Airport (RIX) - Passenger Terminal Extension

Unique Characteristics

Clarity in space and visibility are central to our design vision to provide a minimalist approach commonly seen in the Nordic countries. Biophilic elements are being explored to create a warming, natural environment that reflects local character, including the use of natural, wooden materials for the internal finishes and roof of the terminal building. The introduction of a green roof will provide additional seating areas and a kid’s play area in order to drastically enhance passenger experience.

Externally, the new expansion of Riga Airport will be characterized by a transparent glazed curtain wall with shading metal and wood elements.

Give the airport is at the centre of a fast growing infrastructural scenario, One Works carried out a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to deliver a project that aspires to the best solutions that an intermodal node must aim for.

In a hybrid world between physical and digital like ours, considerable importance has also been given to the integration of smart technologies to improve the user experience from multiple points of view.

“Previous years, we developed aerodrome and infrastructure related to passenger aircraft service, but from this year on we will focus on the expansion of passenger service infrastructure. The new Airport terminal will be connected to the ‘Rail Baltica’ railway station, creating a unified passenger service complex and providing passengers with a convenient and fast connection not only to the capital of Latvia, but also to the entire ‘Rail Baltica’ railway network covering the Baltic States, Poland and Finland.”

— Ilona Līce, Chairperson of the Board of Riga International Airport
Riga Airport (RIX) - Passenger Terminal Extension

One of the fastest growing airports in Europe

International Airport Council (“Airport Council International”, ACI) recently report, Riga International Airport was the third fastest growing airport in Europe. From Riga Airport it is possible to travel to more than 70 destinations during the winter season and to 100 destinations during the summer season, provided by 20 airlines. In 2018 Riga Airport served more than 7 million passengers - 45% of the total number of Baltic passengers. The expected traffic for future is approximately 12 million annual passengers and 113,000 movements in 2036.

“We’re delighted to be part of this exciting project and look forward to working with RIGA Airport to help achieve their ambitious goals that will see North East of the Europe strengthen connections with the rest of the European Union.”

— Domenico Santini - Director of Aviation at One Works
Riga Airport (RIX) - Passenger Terminal Extension

The benefits of BIM

The project is being developed entirely in BIM - from preliminary stage of concept design to now as we shortly finalise the construction design - allowing us to efficiently coordinating the different disciplines involved in the project. This approach is particularly important due to the fact that the different teams involved in this project are based in various locations across Europe (i.e. Italy, Latvia and Switzerland). It also allows us to provide the client with a level of transparency they would not normally have and access to accurate data for making key decisions that may impact the design as it develops.

Furthermore, due to the importance of having accurate information of the existing terminal building, which will be connected to the new extension, an extensive survey using 3D scanning and point cloud has allowed us to extrapolate a series of qualitative and quantitative information and to model the entire existing building in BIM for future development projects.

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