Sport Café Teheran

Sport Café Teheran

A gathering place for all sports lovers

The Sport Cafè is inside Tehran’s Iran Mall - a landmark shopping center set to revolutionize the retail landscape in Iran as well as act as a catalyst for the future growth of its capital.

There are several sports facilities, including the Sport Café, to provide a healthy environment for all people, especially the younger generation. The Sport Café is a gathering place for all sports lovers. A careful selection of healthy and organic food is served while people watch their favorite sports within an exciting and positive environment.

Key Facts

Client: Confidential
Location: Tehran, Iran
Year: 2018
Floor Area: 1000 ( approx.) sqm
Services: Concept Design
Sport Café Teheran

The aim was to create a space for people to socialize, partake in leisure activities or just relax. The materials chosen are streamlined: black wood for the seating, face front cement, black ceiling with neon lights, giant LED screen.

The blue poufs and green glass fronts of the private rooms where people can play games or watch TV bring a hint of colour into the otherwise monochromatic space. The large staircase, a reminder of football stands, was introduced to be used for bespoke events or as a hangout space during the day.

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