Temporary Pavilion in Milan

Temporary Pavilion in Milan

A metaphor in the park

The competition was to design a semi-permanent structure in a park in the heart of Milan. The pavilion would last six months during the Milan Expo 2015.

The pavilion is intended to create a link between the public and the company who has sponsored the competition. The permeable, innovative, and hospitable structure is designed to involve citizens and communicate to them the activities that the company carries out in commercial and education sectors, and in sustainability.

Key Facts

Client: Confidential
With: Studio Novembre
Location: Milan, Italy
Year: 2015
Services: Concept Design
Temporary Pavilion in Milan

The geometry of the pavilion is generated by the morphing of two section outlines: that of an archetypical house and an industrious one.

This is a metaphor: the citizens, represented by the house outline, and the company, represented by the industry outline, merging together for aligned goals and ideals.

The pavilion is sliced in several points for two reasons: the first is to express the section profile, the other is to allow natural light to come inside: just as the company, an energy supplier, brings light to homes. The main entrance is emphasized by two sculptures of a running man, an icon of human energy.