Trapani Port and Real Estate Development

Trapani Port and Real Estate Development

Taking the Seaport Inland

The 2007 Louis Vuitton Cup, held in the Trapani waters, brought forth the City’s great potentials in the field of recreational boating but at the same time its incapacity to accommodate adequate development opportunities for the shortage of available coastline.

Trapani, although surrounded by the sea, is characterized by a very particular salt marshes environmental system and subject to severe constraints. One Works developed, together with the proprietor of a vast central land parcel destined for trade fair activities, a design concept that foresees the construction of an inland marina connected by a navigable channel to the sea.

Key Facts

Client: Adragna
Location: Trapani, Italy
Year: 2009
Services: Concept Design, Functional Layout, Land Use Planning
Trapani Port and Real Estate Development

The mixed-use intervention program provides the area with numerous commercial, tourist-residential, and cultural destinations and satisfies the City’s needs for adequate berth facilities. The area being former swamplands, directed attention on the possibility of bringing the water inland permitting a completely new environment, but at the same time related with the nature environment.

This in turn offers a vast area available for important economic activities in virtue of the Port Village’s large reception area, equipped with services for local boaters and call port users.

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