Willingdon Island Redevelopment Strategy

Willingdon Island Redevelopment Strategy

A new Business District and Logistics Park on a man-made island

A complex project that seeked to reorganize the existing ports in a more efficient system capable of generating new opportunities of urban development across the region.

Willingdon Island is an artificial man-made island built during the construction of the Kochi Port in 1936, with the soil dredged out while deepening the Vembanad Lake to accommodate the new Port.

The main concept of the masterplan is based on the idea of a green belt that surrounds the military confines and connects the northern and southern part of the island. This linear park on one side links to the new business district and, on the other, to the new Cruise Terminal and Touristic area.

Key Facts

Client: Port Authority
Location: Kochi, India
Year: 2011
Services: Concept Design, Cost Consultancy, Development Phasing, Environmental Studies, Feasibility Studies, Functional Layout, Landscape Design, Parking Design, Road Design
Willingdon Island Redevelopment Strategy

Relocating the port areas

This transformation can only be achieved with the relocation of some the current port areas (Tank Terminal, Coal Terminal, Shipyards, etc.) that are not compatible with the planned urban activities, after construction of the new terminals at the port entrance.

The need to integrate these port activities with the surrounding urban function required a sensitive buffer zone to act as a landscaped backdrop for the port areas still in operation.

Willingdon Island Redevelopment Strategy

The new Cruise Terminal

The new Cruise Terminal will have a 1.120 m long quay accommodating 3 berths for large sized (350 m) cruise ships and 4 berths for smaller sized (200 – 250 m) cruise ships tied up side on.

In the long term, the urban character of Willingdon Island will be further developed with the waterfront requalification expansion, characterized by a continuous line of constructions for office, hospitality and residential use. In this phase, it is foreseen that the logistic areas be gradually transformed in business and mixed-use areas by maintaining the same structural urban layout.

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